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Stony Plain/Spruce Grove Events

Mon, 18 Apr by remax-realestate-sprucegrove

Family Friendly Fun this April

iStock_000068318757_MediumIt’s April and spring has well and truly sprung in Alberta. All you need now are a few fun and interesting ideas for family-friendly activities that you and your loved ones can get involved in.

As always, you are spoiled for choice in the Spruce Grove and Stoney Plain area. Here are a few of the things that we are most excited about, and that your family can get excited about too.

Adventure Time in Techland

This one is all about getting kids ready for an exciting future in tech and programming. On April 22nd, Stony Plain public library becomes a mini tech-workshop to help budding programmers and developers take their first steps into this fascinating field.

For $3 per head, kids aged between 6 and 12 can get to grips with Makey-Makes, Raspberry Pi, and Little Bits, learning a few skills that can lead to a great hobby or even more in the future. The morning session is held between 10:30am and 12 noon and is for kids aged six, seven and eight, while the afternoon session runs from 1pm to 4pm and is for children aged nine to twelve.

No School Day Fun & Minecraft Lab

Kids love a no-school day, particularly when there are fun activities available to keep them occupied. This activity, held at the public library in Spruce Grove on April 22nd, gives kids aged 7 and up the chance to indulge in some multi-player Minecraft action, as well as get to grips with some creative activities based on the revolutionary game.

This event promises to be both entertaining and engaging for kids, and is free to attend. Head down to the library between 11am and 3pm to get involved.

Community Parking Lot Sale

We’ve all got stuff kicking around our homes that we no longer use, how about getting rid of some of it and maybe picking up a bargain or two in the process? On April 30th, the Parkland Village Community Centre in Spruce Grove will be playing host to the Community Parking Lot Sale, a chance to meet and mingle with people in your local community.

Maybe you are cleaning out your house ready for a sale? This is the perfect opportunity to make some room and to give a new lease of life to some of your pre-loved items. When you’re finished don’t forget to get in touch with Roger Hawryluk for advice on how to get the best sale possible for your home. We are waiting to hear from you!


Tue, 12 Apr by remax-realestate-sprucegrove

How to Choose the Neighbourhood for You

iStock_000000695573MediumIt is common for first-time Spruce Grove or Stony Plain home buyers to spend ample time focusing on finding the perfect home, but even an ideal home will be less than perfect if it is not in a great community. Therefore, it’s a good idea for first-time buyers to first invest a bit of energy in searching out the right neighbourhood. Ideally, the local area that is selected will perfectly suit the entire family’s lifestyle, and there are a few factors to consider when narrowing down the options.

What it’s by…

After buying a new Spruce Grove or Stony Plain home in a lovely neighbourhood, some people will spend a considerable amount of time enjoying life in their new space. However, all will need to venture out of that small community from time to time. With this in mind, the ideal community is one that is located next to shops, restaurants, medical centers and more that can meet the home buyer’s needs. People will generally enjoy a more relaxed lifestyle when they have access to almost everything needed within a few miles of their home.

Things to Do…

More than that, the community itself may need to have specific amenities in it. For example, some neighbourhoods have a community center, nature trails, play areas for the kids and other similar amenities. They may also have a far more active community spirit, and the neighbourhood may host parades, picnics, festivals and other local events that can bring residents together. Not all of these are important to all buyers, but some may be far more important than others to certain individuals. Keep in mind that those amenities and services that are not available directly inside the community may be available in the larger community, and the home buyer should consider all of this when deciding where to buy a new Spruce Grove or Stony Plain home.

Those Who Live There…

Another point to consider is the general makeup of the community. Some communities may have a quieter ambiance, and this may be more common with more established neighbourhoods that have residents who have lived in the area for years. Other communities may be more appealing to families with younger kids or who are about to start a family, and this may be due to proximity to schools, the kid-friendly amenities in the area and more. Most Spruce Grove or Stony Plain home buyers will find that they feel more at home living in a community when they choose an area where other residents are in the same general stage of life as they are in.

It can take time to narrow down the choices to find the right community to live in. These factors must all be considered in combination with the type, style and affordability of housing in the community. While some Spruce Grove or Stony Plain home buyers will search for a neighbourhood on their own, others may find it easier to work with a real estate agent. Ready to learn more about the different type of Spruce Grove or Stony Plain neighbourhoods in the area that may be most suitable for your needs and preferences? Contact Roger today for assistance!

The Scoop on Home Inspections

Thu, 17 Mar by remax-realestate-sprucegrove

family buy house Mortgage calculations, calculator with Magnifie

A home inspection, while not required in all areas, should be an indispensable part of your home buying or selling process. Is it worth the cost up front to save you money and headaches down the road? Your Real Estate professional will give you advice on whether or not this is the right choice for you, but here is some general information on home inspections and what the benefits of them are. 

What a Home Inspection Entails

A home inspector will provide a thorough inspection of the home’s interior and exterior to alert you to any damage that may cause potential problems in the future. He or she will look at the house as a whole and evaluate how the different components work together and affect each other. The inspector will identify any areas that need repairs or are unsafe and advise you on what your next steps should be.

Benefits for a Home Buyer

When you are purchasing a home, you want to know that it is going to be safe for you and your family for many years to come. Obviously, you don’t want to buy a home that is rotting from the inside out. A home inspector can alert you to issues that are minor right now but could potentially become much more serious in the future. Purchasing a home is a major decision. The results of the inspection may lead you to reconsider buying a particular house if it is likely to have a lot of problems in the future. It can protect you from huge unexpected expenses.

Benefits for a Home Seller

If you are the one selling the home, it is a good idea to request a home inspection prior to listing your home on the market. Potential buyers of your home are likely to have an inspection done, and you don’t want there to be any surprises. If there are issues with the house, buyers may rescind their offers or make offers only on the condition that you repair the problems before they finalize the purchase. It is better if you know about any problems in advance. An inspection gives you the opportunity to make sure the house is in its best possible condition when buyers start coming to look at it. This will streamline the purchasing process and make potential buyers feel much more confident that your home is the right choice for them.

When you are ready to buy or sell a home, or have any questions regarding home inspections, get in touch with Roger Hawryluk. He works hard for his clients and considers them his friends, and he will work hard for you too.

Home Decorating with Serenity

Fri, 04 Mar by remax-realestate-sprucegrove

Named Serenity, Pantone’s Colour of the Year is a soft, soothing shade of light blue. Often relegated to baby boys’ nurseries, this calming colour is just as at home in other areas of your house. While that is still an excellent use of this hue, there are a variety of ways you can incorporate it into your home for a more modern look.

In the Bedroom

Because of the soothing nature of the Serenity colour, it is an ideal choice for the walls of your bedroom. The calming tone will help you get into a relaxed frame of mind at night, which can help you fall asleep more quickly and stay asleep through the night. For your bedding, a crisp white or dark grey complements the colour nicely and will give your room a put-together feel. Your bedroom should be your sanctuary, and Serenity can help you achieve that motif.

In the Living Room

A sectional couch in Serenity or a similar shade of blue instantly becomes the focal point of your living room. The relaxing effect of this colour makes the room feel inviting for you and guests to your home. If the idea of a blue sofa is too much for you, try some throw pillows and a plush blanket to serve as accent pieces to tie the room together. Place several items throughout the room for a more cohesive look.

In the Dining Room

Many traditional dining rooms feature rich, dark woods that can have somewhat of a heavy feel. A rug in Serenity underneath your



dining table can break up the darkness and give the room a lighter, more airy look. If your dining table is lighter in colour and more on the rustic side, Serenity is a perfect complement, keeping the look light and fresh.

There is no better time to think about redecorating than when you first move into a new home. Throughout the moving process, you can sort through your current decorative items and weed out the ones that do not have a place in your new home or no longer mesh with your personal taste and preferences. Then, you can start with a blank slate and rebuild your decor as you see fit. When you are ready to move into a new home in the Spruce Grove or Stony Plain areas, contact Roger Hawryluk. He has the expertise in the area to help you find your perfect house.

The Pros and Cons of Home Warranties

Wed, 24 Feb by remax-realestate-sprucegrove

Home Warrenties: How to Assess Whether or Not You Need One

iStock_000015427495_LargeHome warranties are used to protect new owners from the costs associated with unforeseen repairs in their new Spruce Grove/Stony Plain house or condo. Like most costs associated with buying a new  Spruce Grove  home, a warranty is one people don’t discuss until afterwards and is one nobody can agree on whether or not it’s necessary. There are benefits and drawbacks to buying a home warranty, for both buyers and sellers, and the decision changes drastically based on circumstances.

Peace of Mind When Buying an Older  Spruce Grove  Home

Old homes may be less expensive than new homes, but older Spruce Grove/Stony Plain homes will also have older appliances and foundations. Every warranty company and plan is different, but these are the things a home warranty will protect against. The cost of replacing all the appliances in a home is something that most people could never afford right after paying for the house, so the idea of a significantly cheaper warranty helps them rest easy at night knowing they are covered if something breaks down.

Don’t Expect Complete Repairs

While a home warranty looks good on the surface, especially considering how expensive brand new appliances can be, there are catches. Some people are shocked to learn that when their appliance breaks they will only be receiving a repair and not a new machine. Every company has different criteria for what warrants a new appliance, but in most cases they will do whatever they can to get the old appliance back in running order so that they won’t have to pay for a new one.

Warranties are not Just for Spruce Grove/Stony Plain Buyers

Home warranties are also available to sellers to cover any unexpected costs associated with the sale. Everything may appear like it’s going smoothly, but sometimes sales fall through at the last possible second or the closing is delayed for unforeseen circumstances. A home warranty can cover the seller for all the costs associated with this disaster, including legal fees, accommodations, moving and storage as well as bank, mortgage and interest payments.

Some Spruce Grove/Stony Plain Homes Will Have A Warranty Included

In order to make their home stand out and be more attractive to potential buyers, some sellers will make a deal with a warranty company to include the coverage in the cost of the home. Additionally, some REALTORS® may include the cost of warranty as a bonus when the home closes. Before shopping around with different insurers, all buyers should double check that the cost of the warranty isn’t already being covered by another party. This is especially true for new homes.

If the idea of home warranties has you confused and you really aren’t sure whether or not you need one, it will be best to speak with a professional real estate agent. We can tell you more about home warranties and why they may be right, or wrong, for your new home. Every situation is different and if you provide us with more information we can help you decide whether or not a home warranty is right for you.

If you have any questions regarding your next purchase or want to make your next home buying experience a breeze, contact Roger today!


Transalta Tri-Leasure Center – Fun For The Whole Family

Fri, 12 Feb by remax-realestate-sprucegrove

Young People Spinning in the fitness gym

The Transalta Tri-Leasure Center is a wellness and recreation facility that offers families the perfect opportunity to spend quality time together and live the adventure of their lives. With a great number of activities to choose from, the center has something to offer to everyone, from kids to adults and seniors as well.

Child Minding Services

If you’re planning to use the facility and don’t have somebody to babysit your little ones, the Transalta Tri-Leasure Center offers a safe and caring environment to them. Suitable for children one month to seven years of age, the facility’s child minding services will keep your kids entertained and give them the opportunity to make new friends while waiting for you.

Adult Exercise Programmes

The Transalta Tri-Leasure Center provides numerous exercise programmes geared specifically toward adults. Choose from aquatics, cycling, conditioning, pre- or post-natal, specialty, mind and body, and even strength exercises, which all aim to help you stay fit and lead a healthy lifestyle. Customised nutrition packages are also available if you want to make a complete lifestyle change and start eating a balanced diet.


The facility also organises camps led by qualified professionals, all with the same goal: to offer a fun environment to teenagers, boost their self-confidence, and create unforgettable memories. Each camp consists of lots of activities that will help your kids get the right dose of exercise every day, as well as social activities that will improve their communication skills.

Kiddie Yoga

Yoga is one of the most popular activities in Canada, and rightly so. Now your kids can take yoga classes too — here at the Transalta Tri-Leasure Center! The Kiddie Yoga programme has been designed to help improve your little one’s concentration, attention span, balance, strength, cooperation, and teamwork through poses and various breathtaking techniques. Your child will love the moment and enjoy the challenges, not to mention that he or she will have tons of fun with other kids.

Additional Amenities

But that’s not all. The Transalta Tri-Leasure Center strives to make every experience the best it can be by providing additional amenities such as snack bars and gathering places. Booster Juice is the place where you can fuel up before or after your programme ends, offering a variety of snacks and drinks that will give you an extra dose of nutrition. The Top Mountain Market serves coffee, meals, and anything else you need to start your day! Shotz Family Sport Lounge is a gathering area for families and fellow sports enthusiasts.

The Transalta Tri-Leasure Center is the place you want to be — today, tomorrow, and every day!

You Ask, I Answer: When is the Right Time to Upgrade to a Larger Spruce Grove Home?

Mon, 18 Jan by Redman Team


For many Spruce Grove homeowners, their first home purchase is often a smaller starter home or even a Spruce Grove condo. Most who are buying a first home may not have the need for a lot of space or may not be able to afford a larger home at that particular stage in their life. However, over time, many will be able to make an upgrade to a larger home, or they may need to in order to accommodate a growing family. A common question that many Spruce Grove homeowners ask is when the right time is to make this upgrade to a larger home and there are several important factors to consider before making this decision.

The Affordability of a Larger Spruce Grove Home

A larger home often means a more significant financial responsibility on the part of the homeowner. In most cases, the larger Spruce Grove home will come with larger payments for the mortgage, repairs and maintenance, utilities, property taxes and insurance. Each of these expenses should be estimated by the homeowner and taken into account in the budget. The homeowner ideally will be able to maintain a comfortable quality of life and still be able to save for the future when these larger expenses are taken into account.

The Down Payment Required for a Larger Home

When buying property, there is a need in most cases to make a down payment and to pay for closing costs. These should be estimated by the homeowner. For most current Spruce Grove homeowners, selling the existing property and accessing equity will yield most or all of the funds that are needed to make a new purchase. The homeowner may need to work with a real estate professional and a mortgage lender to get more information about these two factors before making a sound financial decision.

The Need to Make an Upgrade

Even when these factors are in place, the homeowner should also consider the need to make an upgrade. There are many reasons to upgrade to a larger or more expensive Spruce Grove home. The need for more space is a common reason, but there may also be a desire to live in a different or more affluent area of town, to move to a safer neighborhood or simply to have a home that is more on par with the homeowner’s current income level and lifestyle. Generally, a homeowner may need to learn more about Spruce Grove real estate values for a home that meets their current needs and taste preferences before deciding if it is affordable at the present time to make this upgrade.

Some homeowners will thoroughly analyze each of these points and will decide that the time is not quite right to make an upgrade. Often when this is the case, waiting to make an upgrade for a few months or a year will make it more affordable and suitable for the homeowner to make the upgrade. When the time is deemed to be right to make an upgrade, the homeowner should consider working with a real estate agent to sell their existing property while also buying a new home that meets their needs.

If you’re thinking about making an upgrade in the near future, contact me  for more information about the process and real estate options!

Hello world!

Tue, 12 Jan by remax-realestate-sprucegrove

Welcome to my new blog! I look forward to sharing new and exciting updates about the Real Estate Market and what is happening around town! Stay tuned for new posts coming soon!!

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